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    Parents, on the other hand, are also encouraged to allocate personal time for their children. In today’s busy world, it is often more convenient to leave these youngsters to “technology nannies” like television and computers. However, personal interaction is still important, especially during the formative years. Children, particularly the younger ones, crave time and attention from their parents or caregivers. While children also need time to play by themselves or with peers from their age group, playtime with their family, whether with their parents or with extended family members, is also an important part in their growth. In the educational game A Day in the Life of the Jos (Licensed Resource), students in grades six to eight help the brother and sister team Jo and Josie with situations they encounter online as they go about a typical day in their lives.
    Thanks for visiting. Enjoy playing Chess vs Computer! This mini-game (also called the Pawn Game) gives a good feel for how the pawns move, capture and defend themselves. Pawns provide the backdrop for chess. Structures such as pawn chains will emerge as well as important concepts such as the sacrifice. To play the game well requires counting ahead as pawns race each other. These variants use standard boards and pieces, but the pieces start on nontraditional squares. In most such variants, the pawns are placed on their usual squares, but the position of other pieces is either randomly determined or selected by the players. The motivation for these variants is usually to nullify established opening knowledge. The downside of these variants is that the initial position usually has less harmony and balance than the standard chess position.

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